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10th of Ramadan City

Steel Structure

Pride All the people are proud of the Egyptian people and all the pioneers of the Egyptian industry for having a national project of this size with all the capabilities required to help owners of small and medium industries, and all the pride for us to participate in this project.


Half an hour from the heart of Cairo, you can see how workers and engineers transformed the vast desert on the outskirts of the Tenth of Ramadan City into a non-stop beehive, braving the wind and the cold weather, in the city from which a third of Egypt’s exports come out, a new victory is achieved in the file of industry. And production by constructing 384 industrial workshops with a total area of 454 thousand square meters divided into three industrial complexes, in addition to the city’s 13 small industrial complexes for complementary projects.


Everyone on the site considers that they are performing a national mission, and therefore we are very proud of us, our engineers and our workers, as we were and are still a national project that will have a great impact on the Egyptian economy and therefore all the Egyptian people, as the project is one of the largest industrial complexes, and it consists of 384 An industrial workshop with a total area of about 454 thousand square meters, divided into three industrial complexes, each containing 128 workshops with an area of 702 square meters per workshop, which consists of two parts, the first covered with an area of 432 square meters, and the second for loading with an area of 270 square meters.

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