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Ain Sokhna

Steel Gate

Yesterday’s work is Today’s achievement.


Our work in ALGALALA MOUNT is lightning up the beautiful entrance of that beautiful destination on the Red Sea.

We are proud to have our work done in ALGALALA MOUNT with a unique and complex design, manufactured and Installed by us of the Mount Main gate on 480m square made of 38 tons of steel.

IL MONTE GALALA - steel gates

ALQUDS STEEL also offers its 20 years of experience in structural steel to the clients by providing consultancy services. In this extent ALQUDS STEEL offers

  1. Project Consultancy Services
  2. Structural Monitoring Consultancy Services

a.   To provide consultancy services. Accordingly:

      1. if static predictions are needed in the design phase, ensure the correct progression of the architectural project by procuring preliminary solutions or by offering opinions based on its considerable experience,
      2. provide support and suggestions about the details needed by the design,
      3. if requested, executing the structural preliminary solutions for the project,
      4. To prepare supervision plans, testing plans and technical specifications aimed at the execution.
b.     Structural Control Consultancy Services:
      1. offering supervision of the projects,
      2. preparing quality plans including procurement, manufacturing and assembly phases,
      3. preparing technical specification for execution and inspection,
      4. offering worksite control and inspection services,
      5. determining structural healths and possible problems of the existing structures,
      6. developing solutions for the identified problems,
      7. offering engineering consultancy service as real-time and online monitoring long-term structural health of constructions on web based platforms.
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