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About Us

Egypt's Leading Steel Industry Corporation

With the recent developments in the material production techniques, together with the improvements in calculation and design capabilities of the digital domain, the engineers are being forced to develop much more extraordinary and challenging structure.All around Egypt, development, lightness and fast production are accepted as the modern conditions of engineering.

we are an engineering manufacturer & contracting group, working mainly in the fabrication and construction of pre-engineered steel structures.

To be “the most recognized company for high commitment in steel fabrication & construction services in the region”

to provide competitive service, to meet client’s satisfaction with a balanced formulation of cost and standards meeting quality requisites within the relevant time.

Apart from our best quality in steel manufacturing, We introduce all the steel construction services from the scratch with our designs from all kind of projects.

from concept through design, We manufacture it all for implementation and construction by our skilled Engineers.

Our Directors

khaled abo el kheir
khaled abo el kheir
Eng. Khaled abou elkhier
Eng. MOSTAFA rashad
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